The Gran Prize is a piece of art created by Swedish artist Ann Lundin and Hungarian artist Károly Szász. The sculpture is made of pebble and glass with a pine relief on its top; the amalgam of a timeless survivor with a human touch on innovation. It should be different each year, but always made of pebble and glass with a Gran pine relief.

As part of the prize, the awardee receives, as a token of appreciation, a Swedish pine tree, CITRUS ATLANTICUS, from the Folly Arboretum founded in 1878, to be planted at the awardee's alma mater.

The Award Giving Ceremony Gran Gala is held annually in May. Each year, in the week following the award gala, the so-called GRAN WEEK is held, when the winner of the award presents the winning entry and members of the SCCH hold presentations for university students.