The Gran Prize is an annual prize awarded for outstandingly innovative solutions in response to the most pressing issues of our planet, in the field of environmental protection, sustainable development, design, medicine, health preservation and development, and education.

The prize can be awarded to private persons, groups, companies, associations, organisations, institutions, students or student teams, as decided by the judging panel of the Gran Prize. The judging panel has the right to invite persons, associations, and companies to submit applications for the competition.

The Gran Prize judging panel consists of leading authorities, scientists, and media representatives. The Board of Directors also decided to ensure the highest quality throughout the process of the Gran Prize initiative, including the choice of professional partners and the judging panel. The members of the judging panel may change from year to year, the permanent members being three directors from the Chamber.

As announced publically by the SCCH to the press, the Chamber set aside HUF 5 million from its capital to finance this innovative prize from the annually accrued interest, and will invite other progressive decision makers and private individuals to participate with their sponsorship.