The Gran Prize was officially established on 12th December, 2012, by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hungary (SCCH) to stimulate innovative thinking aimed at improving the quality of life. The Chamber chose a popular Swedish symbol, the pine tree, as the emblem of the prize. For most of the planet, the pine tree represents Christmas and is also a metaphor for nature.

Ancient philosophers discussed happiness and living in harmony with nature, and this aspiration is becoming vital to modern man too. Gran in Swedish means pine tree, pointing to the characteristics of this award focused on sustainable development and environmental protection.

The Chamber's aim with this prize is twofold; firstly, to support and award outstanding innovative achievements, and secondly, to facilitate intercultural communication.

In the spirit of open, consensus-based thinking, which is such a vital part of Swedish society, and with the aim of furthering Swedish-Hungarian cooperation, the SCCH has opened entry to the Gran Prize for every progressive company and private person in Hungary.