Márton András Juhász

Mr. Juhász got his Master’s degree as a biologist at the University of Szeged and his post-master further specialization degree as molecular biologist at the Hungarian Academy of Science.

He began his research career in 2007 at the Hungarian Academy of Science, working on spectrometric analysis of post-translational modifications of proteins.

In 2008 and 2009, he worked on stem-cell-based experiments on neurocybernetic technologies at Beike Biotechnology Hungary, and became a senior researcher.

He then continued as a lecturer at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest, working on embedded electronics in interactive media installations.

In 2009, he became an assistant professor at the faculties of biochemistry, biotechnology and bioinformatics at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest.

He then proceeded to become the director of Fabrication Laboratory Budapest, and established and managed the first open community workshop in the region. At the same time, in 2009, he became the supervisor of art and technology at Kitchen Budapest (KIBU), a medialab focusing on the convergence of mobile devices, urban spaces, and social media.

Mr. Juhász’s journey has taken him to inventing several valuable patents and lectures.

His invention, GYROSET, is a piece of equipment developed to improve the quality of life for spinal cord injured people, and their families and friends. It is impressive how GYROSET enables many tetraplegic users to live a much fuller and more independent life.

The GYROSET headset measures the position of the user’s head, making it possible for tetraplegic individuals to control their wheelchairs with head movements in an intuitive manner, providing freedom and ease of usage. In addition, GYROSET/OMNIPOLAR has integrated services like wireless environment control, speech synthesis, gesture recognition, and voice-based web browsing. GYROSET also enables remote management of wheelchair functions from a smartphone.

OMNIPOLAR has proven that it is possible to combine various disciplines with social engagement and the concern for issues like human rights.

Márton Juhász and his team’s project shows concern for our society, stressing the need for looking at the bigger picture by integrating various scientific disciplines.

The development team has demonstrated an outstanding socially responsible attitude and strong commitment to provide a smart solution to the people who need it.